Study Finds Americans Can't Enjoy Food Without Technology


A new study conducted at the request of the dietary experts at Nutrisystem suggests that as many as one in every three Americans can't enjoy a meal without simultaneously being on their smartphone. In fact, 29-percent say that their smartphone accompanies them to every single meal while only 17-percent see fit to never bring their phone to the table. For the 18 to 25 age demographic, the number who bring a phone to every meal jumps up to 35-percent. That trend shouldn't be too surprising, given how addicted everybody seems to have become to their device and, subsequently, to the easy access those afford to a staggering wealth of information. However, the study and its resulting infographic – included below – revealed far more than just how big the phone addiction trend has become.

For starters, television also plays a big role in how people eat – with a whopping 72-percent of respondents admitting they watch TV while eating on a regular basis. That comes down to the fact that Americans say a TV show makes for a more comfortable meal than talking with others while eating. Of course, according to Nutrisystem, that's not exactly healthy. A third of those polled often see their food disappear much more quickly than expected if they are watching television or on their phone or tablet. Nutrisystem says that makes it hard for a person to gauge how fast they are consuming food. Eating food too quickly – as opposed to giving the body time to digest food intake – is already not good but, as a result of all of that TV, the average person eats beyond the point of feeling full at least three times per month.

Moving beyond the technologically-bound aspects of the study, Nutrisystem also outlines other unhealthy eating habits among Americans. 41-percent of those involved in the study admit that they don't even know the proper portion sizes they should be consuming and 29-percent would rather learn to speak a new language than try and figure that out. Including those who are aware of proper portion sizes, presumably, a full 57-percent have difficulty controlling their consumption and the average number of times an American thinks about food in a day is seven. Interestingly, even though more than half of Americans admit to difficulties, only around half of the meals eaten by Americans go above the recommended portion sizes. So it may just be that there's a silver lining to the study's results, despite that technology use during meals seems to be a growing issue.


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