Sprint And Dynamics Want Your Entire Wallet To Be One Card


Major wireless carrier Sprint and financial company Dynamics Inc have come together to create the Wallet Card, an all-in-one payment card solution that can theoretically replace your entire wallet, and are showing it off at CES 2018. The Wallet Card is the first product of its kind, essentially being an internet-connected payment card that can adapt to any card that's added to it thanks to a front chip, NFC chip, magnetic strip, and large, high-resolution display that can all be programmed on the spot by the card itself. Its internet connectivity powers a wide range of security and convenience features that saw the card winning Best In Innovation awards in the Computing, Security Technologies, Embedded Technologies, and Tech For A Better World.

The card uses a chipset and antenna normally found in a modern smartphone to connect the card to the internet. The magnetic strip, EMV chip, and contactless chip are all programmable right on the card, which means that users can download the cards that they would normally carry around with them, and use the Wallet Card in the same way. A 65,000 pixel display up front allows the card to display face designs and information on the currently downloaded and selected card. In order to keep the card alive and transmitting, there's an internal battery equipped with organic reacharging measures, meaning that the card recharges through normal use.

On the security end of things, having internet connection on board actually puts this card well ahead of what's currently in most peoples' wallets. The card maintains contact with the bank at all times, and when anything happens, such as a retailer data breach, the card can instantly protect its user. In the event of a breach, for example, the card will instantly deactivate itself, stopping any transactions, and the user can simply acquire a new card and download their cards onto it. This process can go more quickly and smoothly than with normal plastic cards because the Wallet Card is user-programmable. That connectivity requires a network backend, of course, and Sprint will be the first carrier to provide it. A release date and price were not announced at this time, but when the card does launch, it will be with Sprint's network backing it.


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