SpotHero Now Lets You Book Parking Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant Android Auto CES 2018 AH 7

Parking reservation service SpotHero has introduced a new voice-activated solution that is designed to let car drivers find and reserve a parking space using Google Assistant. This new integration comes after Google announced the launch of its personal assistant on Android Auto at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show, where the search giant confirmed two new features coming to Google Assistant such as the ability to reserve a parking space and order a drink from Starbucks.

SpotHero announced in a press release that the hands-free method for finding and paying for parking is set for launch in more than 50 markets across North America, though drivers can reserve a parking space only using devices that are supported by Google Assistant such as Android phones and iPhones. It’s worth noting that SpotHero’s end-to-end parking mobility platform called HeroConnect is powering the in-car parking reservation solution in Android Auto. The parking mobility solution is used by companies in the automotive and transportation sector to provide customers the ability to book parking using those companies’ built-in platforms.

With Google Assistant’s gradual rollout to cars equipped with Android Auto, SpotHero’s new integration is expected to hit a larger number of vehicles in more markets. Additionally, once Google Assistant becomes available to more Android Auto users, they will also be able to experience most of the features available on other Assistant-equipped devices in addition to those features designed specifically for cars. Exact details of the Google Assistant rollout to a wider array of Android Auto-supported cars remain unclear at the moment, though the Mountain View, California-based search giant noted that Android Auto is now being used on “tens of millions” of cars. At the CES 2018, Google also announced that some KIA and Fiat Chrysler models will soon get additional functionality when using Google Assistant on a phone, speaker, or a TV. In the case of KIA, the integration will launch in the form of the so-called UVO Agent which supports four of its 2018 vehicles: the K9002, Soul EV1, Niro PHEV, and the Optima PHEV. It should be pointed out that these functionalities are nothing new, as the features have already been available on select models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Hyundai for quite a while. These features offer the ability to check aspects like the fuel level, among others.