Sponsored Deals: Four Smart Plugs For Both EU & US On TomTop


TomTop is back with a couple of new deals for you to check out. In the list, you will find four deals that may interest you, all of these products are currently discounted, and we'll talk about each one of them here. The first deal that is listed down below is a 4-pack smart Wi-Fi outlet, and as you can see, each of these four outlets are really small. It is worth noting that these outlets come with a US plug, and they're all compatible with Amazon's Alexa. A blue LED light indicator is included on the side, where you will find an on / off switch as well. This 4-pack of Wi-Fi mini outlets is usually priced at $62.12, but you can now grab it for $38.99 if you'd like.

The second gadget on the list is the Koogeek home smart plug, which is compatible with Apple's HomeKit only it seems. This outlet comes with a US plug only, and in case you're looking for a product that is compatible with Apple HomeKit, well, this smart plug is not only discounted by 41 percent, but we've also provided a coupon down below which will push that discount even further. This smart plug usually costs $49.99, but if you utilize the provided coupon, you will be able to get it for only $25.49. The third device in the list down below is also one of Koogeek's Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, we're looking at an another smart plug which is compatible with Apple HomeKit, though this one is meant to be used in Europe. Much like the previous plug we've talked about, this one is white-colored, and it features WPA or WPA2 Network Security, depending on your preference. This smart plug is currently discounted by 61 percent, it usually costs $69.99, but you can now get it for only $27.99.

The last gadget that we'll talk about in this article is a multifunctional wall mount for the US market. This wall mount can replace your regular wall mount, and it comes with dual USB charging ports, along with two regular US ports, and an on / off switch which doubles as a night light. This wall mount measures 120 x 70 x 44mm, while installation screws are included in the package. This gadget also comes with a rather considerable discount, it usually costs $18.82, and you can now grab it for $12.99.


4-Pack Smart Wi-Fi Plug
4-Pack Smart Wi-Fi Plug - $38.99
Koogeek Home Smart Plug
Koogeek Home Smart Plug - $25.49
Koogeek Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Plug
Koogeek Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Plug - $27.99
Wall Mount Plugs With USB Charging
Wall Mount Plugs With USB Charging - $12.99