Sources: Verizon Will Not Be Selling Huawei's Smartphones


It seems like Verizon will not be selling Huawei-branded smartphones after all, at least according to Bloomberg's report. The source claims that Verizon 'dropped all plans' to sell smartphones made by Huawei, which includes the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which was rumored to become available at Verizon at some point. Bloomberg cites 'people familiar with the matter', and claims that this is a result of a pressure from the US government.

Some of you may recall that AT&T decided not to sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro quite recently, which managed to create quite a few questions out there, most of which are asking why is that. Some claim that it happened because Huawei would provide a ton of competition to Samsung and Apple, some claim it's a conspiracy regarding espionage, while the most likely reason lies behind the networking equipment. Former CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations actually suggested to us earlier this month that Huawei's ambitions to enter the networking equipment market in the US is the reason why AT&T dropped interest in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Now, in case of Verizon, sources claim that government is to blame, and that espionage concern is the reason behind all of it, but sources also mention 5G, which ties in with the info provided by former CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations. Huawei is actually looking to be among the first to offer a 5G-capable smartphone, in case you were wondering.

Now, 5G networks are actually expected to be utilized in basically every aspect of internet data transfers, such connectivity will be used by a wide variety of devices, ranging from smartphones to self-driving cars and AI, and that raises a red flag for the government, it seems, at least according to this report, and the one provided earlier regarding AT&T. US security agencies are, allegedly, worried that 5G-powered devices which are manufactured by Chinese companies could have 'close ties' to the Chinese government and pose a 'security risk'. It is worth noting that a recent report claims that the Trump administration actually plans to nationalize the construction of a 5G system, which managed to raise a lot of controversy. After all is being said and done, it's worth noting that the Huawei Mate 10 Pro works with both AT&T's and Verizon's networks, but it seems like it won't be available through any of the two carriers.

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