Sony Unveils New Powerful, Party-Focused Speakers- CES 2018


Sony has introduced three new powerful, party-oriented home audio systems at CES 2018, including two all-in-one solutions called the MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D, as well as a single 3-box model known as the MHC-M20D. Its official announcement focused more on the single-box solutions as they will be the first to hit the shelves later in April, though the 3-box MHC-M20D model will be the one to carry the more affordable price. Either way, all three models feature optical drive inputs for CD and DVD players, a USB port, microphone and guitar inputs, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, and an HDMI output for TV sets.

According to Sony, the High-Power MHC-V71D features integrated Spread Sound Generator technology which virtually revolves around open-backed speaker cabinets to let the sound spread out. Furthermore, the MHC-V71D features what Sony calls LIVE SOUND when referring to the speakers being placed at an angle in order to spread the sound across the room. These characteristics are apparently not available on the High-Power MHC-V41D, though the latter does feature angled mid-speakers and tweeter units designed for wider sound dispersion. The premium MHC-V71D is also equipped with 360-degrees multi-colored party lights and features a splashproof control panel, whereas the MHC-V41D has party lights of its own that sync to the beat, though they don't cover a 360-degree area. In addition, because both models are powered by Bluetooth, they can be synced with multiple home audio systems (up to 50) to create more comprehensive home audio setups. And because these speakers are focused on partying, they both have karaoke features and even gesture controls powered by the Fiestable smartphone application for Android devices, allowing users to skip tracks by flicking left or right, change DJ effects, samplers, and more.

Lastly, Sony introduced the 3-box model at CES, called the MHC-M20D, which also relies on Bluetooth connectivity and offers a variety of inputs as well as an HDMI output. Details on this particular variant are scarce at the moment but Sony claims that the system relies on a high-power amplifier delivering improved sound pressure levels. The single-box MHC-V41D and MHC-V71D will be available from April for the estimated price of €420/£400 and €600/£550, respectively, whereas the 3-box MHC-M20D system will launch later in May at a lower price point of around €300/£280.


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