Snugs Snapp App Rethinks The Way We Buy Custom-Fit Earphones


Custom-fit earphones manufacturer Snugs will attend CES 2018 where the company will present its latest mobile application designed to give prospective customers around the world a much more convenient way of ordering custom-fit earphones. The application called Snugs Snapp will allow users to capture a photo of their ears and the app will then leverage an in-house algorithm to process the image and create 3D-printed custom-fit ear tips matching the shape of the user's ears. According to Snugs, the whole process takes mere minutes and the product will be ready for shipment a few days after its order has been placed.

The British company currently offers prospective customers located in the UK the option to choose a style of custom-fit earphones, book an appointment at one of the Fitting Centers in the country to create a personalized scan, and wait for the product to be shipped within eight to ten days. The service is currently available only in the UK but the good news is that Snugs will expand its marketplace globally once the Snapp application launches later this year. Using the Snapp app, customers will be able to skip the part where they need to visit a physical Fitting Center for a scanning appointment, and instead, they will have the option of scanning their ears using the camera of their smartphone from anywhere in the world. According to Snugs, custom-fit earphones made using the Snapp application will cost $99, and buyers will be able to choose from fifteen colors for their accessories.

While the capabilities of the Snugs Snapp application will be showcased at CES 2018 next week, the app is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2018, when it will become available on both Android and iOS. According to a previous report from WiFore Consulting cited by Snugs, the custom-fit earphones market is expected to be worth roughly $2.4 billion by 2020. While the UK company doesn't expect the Snapp application to disrupt the global audio market, it should mark the beginning of a "transformation" of the thereof and allow the firm to quickly establish itself as a global brand, or at least that's what Snugs is hoping for.

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