Sleepace DreamLife Is An IoT Sleep Aid & Tracker Hub – CES 2018


Sleepace took to CES 2018 in Las Vegas to show off its modular IoT solution called DreamLife, created specifically for use in bedrooms. The overall goal of DreamLife is to create a fully automated sleeping and waking experience, while also collecting and analyzing sleep data in order to help consumers both get to sleep and get better sleep. Sleepace has already released a number of its own sleep monitoring solutions, as well as being partnered with several prominent companies such as Huawei. However, it wanted to not only explain how its DreamLife solution works to the more general public, it also wanted to highlight a new product being added to its lineup, though there is no pricing or availability information provided yet for that device.

In explaining The Sleepace DreamLife smart bedroom system further, the company says its fully integrative IoT solution and products center around three main components. Those include the DreamLife Cloud which, as its name suggests, is designed to store and secure user data, while also being responsible for the cloud-computing behind some of the associated products' functions. The second component is sleep monitoring devices, which assist in gathering user sleep data and act as triggers for automation driven by DreamLife. Finally, other connected devices such as smart plugs or lighting make up the third component of its system. Best of all, its system and products feature support for both Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant – in addition to being fully supported by IFTTT.

Along with its earlier sleep monitoring products, meanwhile, its CES 2018 demonstrations center around the Sleepace Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light. The Nox Aroma is actually a smart light and alarm with a built-in Aroma diffuser – for which Lavender, Orange Blossom, or Jasmine scents are available. At its core, Nox Aroma also serves a sleep monitoring device to control intelligent alarm and light functions, as well as the automation of other products tied into it via DreamLife and the associated smartphone application. Its light and diffuser are primarily used to disperse various shades of light and scents which the company says have been proven to help people both fall asleep and wake up. The application, in addition to helping set up automation, provides users with in-depth insight into their sleep patterns and advice for how to improve the quality of that sleep. Finally, when tied in with other technologies, it can automate tasks such as opening the blinds, starting the coffee brewing, or whatever else the user needs to have ready upon waking up.


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