Sgnl Wristband Showcased; Shipping To Backers In March – CES 2018


Innomdle Lab has once again showcased its wearable at this year’s CES in Las Vegas where the startup has demonstrated its unusual Sgnl wristband ahead of its expected launch in March. The Sgnl is a crowdfunded project originally spun off from Samsung’s C-Lab division and presented to potential backers on Kickstarter in September 2016. It’s a smart wristband that can conduct sound through a user’s wrist and turn his or her fingertips into a micro speaker of sorts. The wearable also doubles as a fitness tracker and can be used as a watch strap for analog and digital watches, as well as smartwatches.

The Sgnl features a BCU, or Body Conduction Unit which takes the form of a haptic motor able to send vibrations from the user’s wrists to his or her fingertips. Users can then place a finger to their ears and use it as a speaker, and while music can also be technically played in this manner, it isn’t the ideal listening experience in regards to comfort and audio quality, so the solution at hand is primarily meant for phone calls. The wristband also comes with a built-in microphone made for the same purpose and according to recent reports, it would seem that it has some form of on-board storage for saving up to five contacts for quick access. However, the Sgnl doesn’t have a built-in SIM card tray or the networking capabilities to work as a standalone communications device, so in other words, it is meant to be synced with a smartphone.

Sgnl’s original Kickstarter goal of $50,000 has been met more than ten times, and initially, the first backers were supposed to receive the wearable last February. This hasn’t come to pass but the good news is that mass production of the Sgnl is now said to be fully underway. As such, first units meant for early backers should begin shipping in March, and assuming that supply won’t be an issue, the product should become available to any prospective buyers shortly after. In the meantime, Innomdle will be showcasing its crowdfunded wearable at CES 2018 until the end of the week.