SensorPush Makes Monitoring Temperature & Humidity Easy

Monitoring environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can be a time-consuming and expensive task but it's something Cousins & Sears Creative Technologies aims to solve that with a new product called SensorPush. With regard to the device itself, SensorPush accomplishes its goal by squeezing all of the sensors needed for accurately measuring those two things into a relatively small device that can easily be placed and lasts for up to a year. What's more, the devices connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth in order to deliver alerts and offer more finely tuned controls for what those alerts entail. Bluetooth connectivity may limit the effective range of uses for SensorPush thanks to the limited distances at which it stays connected - with the company citing a range of around 325 feet within line-of-sight. However, it also allows for a much longer battery life out of the standard CR2477 battery used to power it. Meanwhile, the whole package costs around $50, making it one of the least expensive connected combination thermometer and hygrometers available for purchase.

It goes without saying that the benefits of a device like SensorPush stretch across a huge variety of scenarios. As laid out by its developers, among the most obvious uses is in more enterprise-geared circumstances, such as in a hospital. Humidity and temperature, whether too low or too high, can play a big role in maintaining health and the optimal environment to slow or stop bacterial or viral growth. Maintaining those two factors in an environment can also help prevent fungus and mold from developing. Beyond that, those two metrics can also be useful to understand when it comes to safely storing items ranging from musical instruments to books or preventing damage to infrastructure that may be affected by those factors.

Having said that, there are one or two drawbacks to SensorPush aside from the effective range of its alerts and monitoring. First, it is only rated to work in a range of temperatures from -40°F - 140°F and instances where it is consistently exposed to humidity over 80-percent can adversely affect its accuracy. The latter problem can be reversed by temporarily bringing the sensors out of that high humidity environment. Fortunately, those caveats are mostly going to apply to extreme use case circumstances, so SensorPush is likely still going to be well worth a look for anybody who needs to monitor both temperature and humidity.

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