Saving Energy Makes You Money With OhmConnect Smart Plugs

Saving energy will make you money with OhmConnect smart plugs, but not in the way you might think. Sure, saving energy saves you money and in a way it makes you money by preventing you from having to spend it on your monthly energy bills. OhmConnect smart plugs however, will actually afford users cash back payments when they save energy following a text message from the company challenging them to do so. These messages can come through once or twice per week and over time really stack up to become some serious savings, and that's in addition to the money that essentially goes back into customer's pockets from saving it on monthly bills.

All customers have to do to get in on the savings and cash back is power down their devices (the OhmConnect smart plugs) for an hour once the text message comes through. OhmConnect calls these messages OhmHours as the time that devices need to be powered down for is a 60-minute block. Users can power things down on their own manually but the smart plugs can also be configured to power down automatically so users don't have to remember to turn them off. OhmConnect also mentions that this won't affect schedules for smart devices which are plugged into them as once the hour is over the plugs will turn back on and resume the normal scheduling times that were in place before the power-down.

Smart plugs which are part of the OhmConnect cash back events come from TP-Link, specifically the HS100 models which you can find at the button below, which are compatible with Amazon's digital assistant called Alexa and that means easy management through voice control. It's also worth noting that these cash back payments are only available for residents who are customers of Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, or San Diego Gas & Electric in California, and customers of either of those three companies must enroll in the OhmConnect program. The TP-Link plugs can also be picked up at a discount for $9.99 each when they normally retail for $34.99 each, though they must be purchased from OhmConnect to get this price and they only have 4,000 available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you live in Southern California and are a customer of one of those three energy companies, this might be a savings worth looking into.

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