Samsung To Deliver 50% Salary Bonuses In 2018 Due To Chips


After managing to bring in a staggering $223.6 billion in sales and $50.38 billion in revenue for 2017, Samsung is looking to give back to its employees via its annual overall performance incentive program. In fact, according to reports out of the company's home country, executives and other employees in some divisions can expect to see as much as 50 percent of their salaries being paid out as bonuses. Those working in Samsung's chips division can, of course, expect to see the highest bonuses since sales from those departments accounted for as much as 60 percent of its operating income for the last year. On the other hand, those who are employed in the company's smartphone and AMOLED display units can also expect to be among the recipients of such significant benefits.

Workers in other divisions aren't being left out of the incentives-based rewards program, either. The employees and executives in the visual display and consumer electronics segments of Samsung's enterprise will be receiving bonuses of up to 35 and 28 percent of their salary, respectively. That number is, of course, down from last year by between 15 and 22 percentage points due to comparatively weaker sales from units responsible for televisions, home electronics, and other areas. However, the bonuses still serve as a potent indicator of how well Samsung performed as a whole during the past fiscal year. Notably, this isn't the only incentive Samsung employees have received as a result of 2017's stellar quarterly performances. Some of the tech giant's workers – specifically in its chip divisions – received as much as a 400 percent monthly salary bonus back in November, following high demand and record sales. In fact, 2017 also saw Samsung bypassing Intel and becoming the world's largest chipmaker.

The chips industry is currently expected to trend away from the high demand and high profits that have been witnessed over the past several months. That doesn't mean that the market is expected to crash but it also isn't immediately clear if Samsung will be able to maintain its momentum in that field of technology. The company is currently looking into making its widely lauded Exynos chipsets available to other smartphone OEMs as one way to offset the market decline, according to recent reports.

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