Sagoon Social Network Sets Out To Make E-Commerce Social


There's a new social network now available for Android, called Sagoon – Connect. Share. Earn, which adds something the company says is missing from other U.S. social media platforms – namely, e-commerce. The move to Android follows its first Regulation A+ offering, which took place back in November and resulted in $3.3 million gained. That's in addition to the $1.5 million Sagoon Inc. also gained through private funding. The public offering enabled the company to build out the application which the company says will help some of its 1.1 million web users continue connecting while on the go.

As to the application itself, it takes social interaction an arguably higher level by incorporating features such as the ability to post one's entire schedule, complete with to-do lists and reminders through a feature it calls "My Day." The goal is to give friends and family on a social media platform the ability to set up gatherings and meetups more often since they each have ready access to each other's schedule. That may sound a bit concerning to users more concerned with privacy but the schedule is only shared with friends on the network and users are in complete control of what they upload. Meanwhile, users can also access a feature called "Mood Talk" which is a chat using only moods instead of words. It isn't really meant to be a direct line of communication so much as it's intended to allow friends and family a quick look at how their contacts are currently doing in real-time. That means when somebody just has a really bad day, or conversely a really good day, their friends and family can see that their mood and get ahold of them more directly if they're curious about what's going on. Finally, the "Secret" section allows users to explore different ideas and communities with anonymity. They can also choose to either share their own secrets with the public to get advice or go one-on-one with a message board that autodeletes messages that have been read.

On the e-commerce front, Sagoon says it is hard at work to deliver what it's calling the "Social Smart Card" and that is planned for release during the fourth quarter of this year. The digital card will allow users to send gifts to each other, shop on the platform, redeem coupons, and even earn back some money while shopping. Once the card is ready, every Sagoon user will be given one for free. In the meantime, Sagoon looks like an interesting take on social media, to say the very least, and is available for free on Android via the Google Play Store button below.


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