Rumor: Samsung May Use A New UX For The Galaxy S9

Samsung Logo AH Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung may use a new UX for the Galaxy S9 according to a new rumor over on Weibo, who claims that Samsung has created a new UX specifically for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ that has “never been seen before.” The rumor also goes on to say that the new UX will have exclusive interfaces and features that you won’t find in the current UX that Samsung uses for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, though it isn’t mentioned in detail what these new UX features or visual changes would be.

Samsung’s new UX, which is now called the Samsung Experience and used to be called TouchWiz, is fairly new and was only recently implemented to its phones over the last year or two, so it’s not exactly likely that Samsung would seek to replace it entirely for a new one moving forward, but it is possible. What is more likely though is that Samsung could have plans to alter some things of the UX on a smaller scale, or simply add in new elements or features to existing functions of the UX, such as new features for the Edge functionality or new widgets.

Samsung is now believed to be announcing the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at Mobile World Congress in February, with a launch of the device at retail suspected to happen on March 16th and pre-orders beginning on March 1st, so if Samsung does have plans to change the UX in some way it’ll be revealed during its announcement for the new phones. Aside from this latest rumor about the upcoming devices, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have leaked a number of times showcasing what the design of the phone is supposed to look like, and recent leaks from earlier this week have pointed to features about the cameras on both phones, like both devices having 12-megapixel camera sensors on the back and 8-megapixel camera sensors on the front for selfies and video chat. It’s also rumored that Samsung may be using a new imaging sensor that will allow for slow-mo video capture up to 480 frames per second.