Reddit Adds Two-Factor Authentication Goes Live For Everyone

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Reddit just got more secure, officially rolling out two-factor authentication for all of its users. A number of other websites and platforms have been offering two-factor authentication options for quite some time now, but so far Reddit has only been testing the feature with a limited crowd such as moderators and beta testers. There may be a slew of fake accounts on Reddit, but those who have regular accounts and a permanent handle would prefer to secure it as best as they can. Two-factor authentication was among the most highly-requested Reddit features and users even started a Change.org petition for it. This marks the first time that Reddit enables two-factor authentication for everyone, allowing all users to better protect their accounts with an extra layer or security.

Just like on other platforms, Reddit’s new two-factor authentication adds another step into the login process, aiming to make it harder for a potential hacker to gain unauthorized access to an account. If this extra security layer is enabled, users will have to enter a six-digit code from an authenticator app when they want to log in. There are a number of solid authenticator apps out there, including Google Authenticator, Authy, and many more that support TOTP. This way, even if someone else knew one’s username and password and tried to log in, they would not be able to do so without the extra six-digit code. Each new login attempt will prompt a new code, so users will need to have their phone nearby. Simply put, with two-factor authentication in place, someone should have access to one’s username and password, as well as physical access to one’s phone, to get into their account, which makes it harder.

To activate two-factor authentication on Reddit , users have to log into their account, head over to the “Preferences” section, and access the account password/ email tab. From there, just select “enable” for two-factor authentication, and follow the necessary steps from the prompts. For the times when one might not have access to their phone, users can generate backup codes. This way, even if the phone runs out of battery, or is lost, for instance, users would still be able to get into their Reddit accounts.