Razer Project Linda Laptop Hands-On Video – CES 2018


CES brings tons of amazing tech to the table every year, but often times we see tech go by the wayside and forgotten about. Razer is making sure that doesn’t happen with its latest device, as it’s not only fascinating in many respects, but it’s also incredibly practical. For years we’ve seen OEMs try to make docks for phones that go beyond the norm, but Razer seems to be the first one truly getting everything right. Razer’s Project Linda, a name that’s obviously not final, is quite literally a laptop that’s powered by none other than the company’s first phone, the Razer Phone.

From the outside, you’d never know this wasn’t a regular ultrabook laptop. The CNC machined unibody metal chassis and designs look every bit as much like a Razer Blade laptop, and even inside there’s not too much that seems to be out of the ordinary. The same Chrome Key keyboard sits inside, with 16 million different customizable colors for each individual key, but there’s one component that seems to be completely missing: the trackpad. Instead of a usual laptop trackpad, the Razer Phone docks in its place, with a mechanical USB Type-C port that plugs into the phone automatically.

The phone then becomes the trackpad of the future, not only still acting as a full display, but also a multi-touch trackpad that’s even better feeling than those old trackpads we’re used to on laptops. A 13.3-inch quad-HD touchscreen graces the inside too, and even has the same incredible 120Hz refresh rate of the Razer Phone as well. Even the OS morphs to fit the new form factor, with the Razer Phone itself acting as the brains of the whole experience. The battery inside the laptop has the ability to charge the Razer Phone more than 3 times over, and will certainly keep the experience going for far longer than some might be accustomed to while using a laptop. There’s also a 200GB drive inside to keep storage space aplenty, and about the only thing we’re missing at this point is an official release date or price. Check out the video below to see it in action though!