RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger (With Quick Charge 3.0) Review

RAVPower has a number of Qi-enabled wireless chargers available, and its latest one is a pretty impressive one. If for no other reason than the fact that it comes with Quick Charge 3.0-compatible charger. Which means you could use the same charger for this wireless charger, and quickly charge up your device, when you need more juice, quickly. Otherwise, this Qi Wireless Charger from RAVPower is basically what you’d expect, it’s a puck that can wirelessly charge your smartphone, and it does it quite well.

Starting off with the hardware, it’s a metal build, at least on the outside the bottom. While the top is plastic, with a soft-touch ring to help keep your smartphone in place, and keep it from sliding off. Seeing as the last thing you’d want to happen, is for your phone to slide off of the charger halfway through the night, only to wake up and see that it is only 50% charged and not at 100%. So that’s a good addition there, and it’s something that most Qi Wireless chargers have these days. RAVPower does also have a LED light on the front of the Qi Wireless charger here. It’ll turn orange when it’s charging and then turn to green once it’s completed. So you can easily tell when it is fully charged.

Since this is a Fast Wireless Charger here, it needs more power than most other wireless chargers out there right now, and that means that you cannot plug it into a USB desktop charging hub. As that won’t give it enough power. It does need to be plugged into the wall using either the included Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, or a Quick Charge 3.0-compatible wall charger. The wireless charger will let you know there isn’t enough power by flashing the LED light red. The wireless charger does work off of a micro USB cable, although the port does look like it could use a USB-C connection, it doesn’t. This is actually good news, considering most people likely have a slew of micro USB cables laying around their home anyways, that can be used with this wireless charger. Now if you do have a micro USB device that supports Quick Charge 3.0, you can charge both wired and wirelessly with this wireless charger. Since the wall adapter uses Quick Charge 3.0 anyways, and the cable is micro USB, you’re all set. But if you have something like the Galaxy S8, you would need to bring a USB-C cable with you to have that flexibility.

The RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger here is actually really good for travel. Seeing as it is pretty small, and it only needs a wall adapter for power. Which means you could simply toss it into your bag and charge your devices wirelessly when you are out. Though most people would prefer a fast charging solution over wireless charging, and this wireless charger can do that as well. Thanks to the included wall adapter and micro USB cable. On top of that, it does also support fast wireless charging, which is really only supported by Samsung’s smartphones. So if you have a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 or any other flagship Samsung device, you should be able to take advantage of faster charging on the RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger here.  Though Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 definitely charge faster, doing it wireless is really nice.

As is the case with most wireless chargers, it does get hot and also makes your smartphone hot. There’s really no getting around that, since it is charging via the coils in the back of your phone. But, on the plus side, it doesn’t get so hot that the phone is impossible to touch without burning yourself, and it does cool down rather quickly. We did test this wireless charger from RAVPower with a number of different devices, including the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. All of which support Qi Wireless charging and it worked fine with all three, as expected. Of course, the LG V30 doesn’t support fast wireless charging, so it did charge a bit slower, but all three charged as expected, without any real issues.

When it comes to wireless chargers, you can get some for pretty low, around $10. But there are others that are closer to $100, like Samsung’s official one. This one from RAVPower typically retails at about $45, so it’s basically middle-ground. And for that price, this is a pretty good wireless charger to pick up, for a number of reasons. But the big ones being the fact that it comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, which is a big deal if you have a Quick Charge 3.0 device (or even a Quick Charge 2.0 device since it is backwards compatible). But it is also a rather small charging puck, which is great for travel, and it does also support fast charging. That is a feature that is seen in plenty of wireless chargers these days, but always good to see, especially once more manufacturers enable fast charging on their Qi-compatible devices. This charger will work with all Qi-compatible smartphones, so there shouldn’t be any issues with it not working with a specific device. You can pick it up on Amazon right now, and it’s only available in the one color, black.

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