Raboo Debuts Its New Smart Charger With Bluetooth – CES 2018


Raboo Technologies plans to show off a patented new innovation in wired device charging at CES 2018, which promises to solve at least some of the problems that result from users leaving their device charging over longer periods of time. The device – which will be sold as the Raboo Smart Charger – utilizes both Bluetooth and wired, wall adapter charging through a built-in USB port to accomplish its goals. For those attending CES this year who may want to check out the new charger, the company says that the Smart Charger will be demonstrated in Las Vegas at Eureka Park Marketplace at Sands in Hall G.

Raboo is billing its Smart Charger as an environment-friendly solution to the problems created by batteries needing to be replaced – which often enough results in far less eco-friendly device replacements. That's because batteries which are charged at an incorrect rate or those that are charged overnight almost always suffer damage over the long term, which causes drops in battery performance and capacity. The marketing used here makes some sense since the materials used to create smartphone components tend to incorporate rare earth materials and producing batteries is not at all eco-friendly to begin with. Having said that, incorrect or harmful charging is one thing the Raboo Smart Charger should undoubtedly solve if it works as advertised. It accomplishes that by connecting to the device that is being charged via Bluetooth in order to grab pertinent information about the state of its battery. The company says the adapter uses that information in order to intelligently adjust power output, preventing trickle charging, overcharging, and overheating.

Although many OEM charging components sold by manufacturers do feature built-in chips that accomplish a very similar task, it goes without saying that those don't typically last as long as users might like. Finding a replacement adapter that works as well as what came with a device is often a daunting task and while consumers could buy one directly from a given device's manufacturer, that can get to be expensive. Meanwhile, Raboo hasn't provided details about when it plans to launch its new Smart Charger and at what price. Without at least knowing how much the adapter will cost, there's no way of knowing if it will be a necessarily groundbreaking charger but this is certainly a different approach than that taken by other accessories manufacturers. However, if it does hit the market at the right price, it could be a viable option for those who want to keep their smartphone or tablet around for as long as possible.


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