Pradeo Security Expands To Samsung's Galaxy Devices

By Mark Real January 23, 2018, 6:11am
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The Pradeo Security platform for Samsung's devices has just been announced, promising to secure mobile devices from malware and attackers while also helping users stay productive. The security service takes advantage of both Pradeo's detection technology and Samsung's own Knox solution. In addition, Pradeo Security utilizes artificial intelligence in order to secure devices from malicious software. The use of AI enables Pradeo to detect and block threats even before they can be identified by other means, the company claims. On the other hand, the multilayer structure of the solution provides zero-day protection against malware, with the offering itself being targeted at enterprise customers.

The security firm's website provides details on how the Pradeo Security for Samsung protects both handsets and their owner from attackers. The security service checks the apps already installed on the smartphone, the device’s network traffic, and the handset's operating system. Pradeo scans the apps installed on the handset for any malicious behavior and potential software exploits, and it also screens the smartphone's network configuration and parameters to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. The security service is capable of blocking sensitive permissions that may compromise the privacy and security of the user and it also bars applications from communicating with unauthorized servers. The solution scans the device's operating system to ensure its integrity as well. Additionally, it ensures that users will stay productive while on their mobile devices by only blocking specific unwanted processes and activities while allowing other apps to work.  When necessary, it could also stop unwanted applications, some of which were not detected or identified by Google's own mobile security platform, Google Play Protect.

The South Korean tech giant has often reiterated its commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of its users in recent years. Back in September, Samsung announced a bug bounty program that rewards security experts who discover vulnerabilities of the company's proprietary software and services like Samsung Pay. The device maker is offering up to $200,000 to researchers able to contribute to the initiative. In addition, the tech company often releases fixes for security issues found in its proprietary software which are usually incorporated into Android security patches that are distributed to its devices on a relatively frequent basis.

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January 23, 2018, 6:11am
Source: Pradeo
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