Phyn Uses AI To Conserve Water And Save Money


Phyn, an upcoming product created through synergy between connectivity company Belkin and plumbing supplier Uponor, has the ambitious goal of conserving water and saving users money by using artificial intelligence to learn how a home's water system works and quickly identify anything out of the ordinary. The product is in the final stages of preparing for launch, with a launch window in spring of this year, and the prototype on show at this year's CES event has won a CES 2018 Innovation Award in both the Smart Home and Tech For A Better World categories. The initial launch will take place in 30 key markets, with the device itself costing $850, and the installation fee from a specially trained and licensed Uponor Pro Squad member being a mandatory part of the package that will vary depending on the local market.

Phyn is installed in a central location within a home's water system, and uses its array of sensors to poll for the tiniest changes in flow and pressure up to 240 times per second. By putting this data through a specialized algorithmic model that's been trained on data sets consisting of 10 billion different data points across 10 million unique water events, Phyn is able to learn, in essence, how each fixture in the house affects the system and how things should be. When any abnormality is detected, Phyn can notify the user and immediately shut the water off at the source, ensuring that any possible pipe or fixture damage is limited to its origin point. Disaster mitigating is not Phyn's only talent; it can actually use existing data to diagnose plumbing problems far in advance, preventing a disaster from ever happening. Given the high price of plumbing crises when they do happen, a single one prevented will likely see Phyn paying for itself.

Phyn uses technologies from Belkin's Linksys and Wemo platforms to detect changes in the water system quickly, and relay that news efficiently via Wi-Fi. It utilizes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for wide compatibility, and the companion app can work on any Android device with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, along with any Apple device sporting iOS 9 or later. This companion app can shut water off remotely at a user's behest, turn water back on after Phyn decides to turn it off automatically, and give the user information on Phyn's collected data.


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