Panasonic Announces FZ800 & FZ950 OLED TVs

Panasonic has announced the FZ800 and FZ950 OLED TVs as part of its new lineup of TVs for the year, with both models having been announced at the Consumer Electronics Show officially taking place this coming week. Both the FZ800 and the FZ950 are built using OLED technology which should mean deeper blacks and better color contrasts compared to LCDs, and both models of the new TV sets will come in two sizes - a 55-inch display model and a 65-inch display model, which essentially gives Panasonic four new TVs to put on the market and sell to consumers.

Among the list of improvements with these new TVs is a technology called Dynamic LUT, which Panasonic states allows the TVs to update their color instructions up to ten times per second, which is a big improvement when you consider what the previous models were capable of, which was only at the start of a movie or TV program. That means the new TVs are updating their color instructions on a continuous basis. The color instructions themselves tell the display which colors should be created and put on screen for the viewer at specific times, so that the display is showing the most accurate and best possible colors with each scene. With continuously updated instructions viewers should be seeing much better color in the display all of the time.

In addition to the improved color reproduction technology the new FZ800 and FZ950 TVs will feature better displays than the previous models so the picture quality will be better. The TVs will also support the new HDR10+ format. There's also a newer image processor inside that powers the whole experience, and Technics has taken care of the audio to give the TVs better speakers than Panasonic's older versions. With a better screen, better color reproduction, and better audio quality, users should have an all around better user experience when watching anything on these new TV models and be more immersed in whatever is being displayed. According to Panasonic, the FZ800 and FZ950 are its continued effort to bring the Hollywood-grade viewing experience to the home. Right now there's no mention of an exact launch date though Panasonic has mentioned that consumers will be able to purchase these new TVs in the Spring of this year, and there's been no mention of cost for any of the models but the pricing will reportedly be "competitive," so perhaps the ticket prices won't be that high.

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