NVIDIA Outs New Display Lineup & 4K Android TV For Gamers – CES 2018


NVIDIA has introduced a new category of displays at CES 2018 designed to cater to various requirements of gaming enthusiasts. The company calls the new product category “BFGD” which stands for “Big Format Gaming Displays” and announced the first TV in this particular series of products. It has a large 65-inch diagonal and supports 4K resolutions at 120Hz, the latest G-SYNC HDR technology for ultra-low latency, and also features the Android TV platform through an incorporated NVIDIA SHIELD unit acting as a built-in streaming device.

According to NVIDIA, the 4K display meets the DCI-P3 color gamut and has a full-array direct backlighting solution capable of outputting 1000 nits of brightness. Together with G-SYNC HDR technology designed to synchronize the panel’s refresh rate of 120Hz to whatever happens in a running game at any given time, the TV delivers ultra-low latency and a highly-responsive tear-free experience in gaming scenarios, either when gaming directly on a connected machine or when streaming content from a desktop, laptop, or console using the NVIDIA GameStream service. Having said that, NVIDIA’s first BFGD solution doesn’t seem like just another Android TV featuring a large panel, as it also comes with incorporated SHIELD capabilities, giving users the option of streaming SHIELD content directly onto their TVs without requiring an external box or tablet for the service. As a result, the TV is bundled with a SHIELD remote and a game controller which can be used to navigate the UI. And because this is still virtually an Android TV, the unit also supports voice commands through the Google Assistant.

According to NVIDIA, the new BFGD for gamers was created in conjunction with several of the company’s hardware partners including Acer, ASUS, and HP, though it’s unclear exactly what role each one of them had in the product’s development. The device will be available this summer when NVIDIA will also announce additional details on its specifications and pricing. For now, the first BFGD is currently showcased by appointment only at CES 2018 at the NVIDIA gaming suite and the ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) showcase room, not counting Pepcom and Showstoppers which are press-only events.