nonda's AIKO Finder Makes It Easier To Find Lost Things


Lost keys and other missing items can be a serious problem but a company called nonda wants to make that a problem of the past thanks to the newly released nonda AIKO Rechargeable Finder. The premise for the device is fairly straightforward. By attaching the relatively small Bluetooth device to a keychain or other commonly misplaced items, users can use their smartphones and a dedicated AIKO application to locate the item in question if it becomes lost. Better still, the device is relatively inexpensive – costing just under $17 for an individual Finder and just under $29 for a two-pack on Amazon. So anybody suffering the frustration caused by the consistent misplacement of important things will probably want to check it out for themselves via the button below.

Among the features boasted by the AIKO Finder is a claimed battery life of more than a month before it must be recharged via the included micro USB cable. Better still it will also record the last known location of the Finder if a user does neglect to recharge it in time. Given the device's claimed battery life, that's almost certainly bound to happen to at least a few users. However, the associated AIKO application will also provide users with smartphone notifications when the Finder needs to be charged up in order to decrease the likelihood of that particular scenario. Beyond that, the AIKO Finder is that the sound it emits to help users find it isn't likely to be drowned out by environmental noises under most circumstances because the tone it puts out registers at 90 decibels. Users also have the option to choose from different tones. Taking things further still, the AIKO Finder can also work in reverse via an on-device button. That means it can be used as yet another way to find a connected smartphone if the user just so happens to lose their smartphone instead of their keys or wallet.

The only caveat to the AIKO Rechargeable Finder may be that nonda has not provided any information as to whether or not it has been ruggedized. So it isn't immediately clear how well the tech would hold up if the item it is attached to is accidentally dropped in water or left exposed to dust. Bearing that in mind, it should be a reasonably appealing product for anybody who has spent countless hours looking for something important that they've lost.

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