Nokia Introduces Integrative Sleep Sensor & More – CES 2018


Nokia's latest announcements at CES 2018 include a new sensor intended to help consumers track sleep patterns and get a better night's rest and a brand new color variation for its Steel HR hybrid smartwatch. The new Nokia Sleep is undoubtedly the more interesting device of the two and appears to be inspired by a similar device which was previously released by a company Nokia bought in 2016 called Withings. However, with the rapid ascent of device interconnectivity among even the most mundane household items, this new product definitely features enhancements above and beyond a more standard sleep tracking platform.

The sensor is used by being placed under a user's mattress, so it isn't likely going to bother anybody that it only comes in a single color – which is gray. From that position, Nokia Sleep uses a host of onboard sensors to track movement, how long a user sleeps, how many times sleep was interrupted, and to create an index letting the user know how well they slept from a more data-driven standpoint. However, this sleeping pad can also be integrated into a smart home ecosystem through IFTTT. For those who may not already know, the acronym stands for "if this than that," and is representative of a mobile application that allows users to easily create modular code to trigger an action. Because of Nokia Sleep's ability to interact through IFTTT, a user could set it to respond with an appropriate action to be taken based on what the sensors are capturing. It could, for example, be set up to play soothing music or white noise via Google Home at a low volume if the pad notices disturbances a user's normal sleep cycle. The sleep tracker is set to become available at an unspecified point over the next few months and will sell for around $99.95.

Meanwhile, it bears mention that a new variation on the company's well-reviewed Steel HR smartwatch is probably not the most exciting thing to be announced at the event for most consumers. With that said, the latest addition to the hybrid wearable family from Nokia is actually quite stunning presented in rose gold. That's true whether one chooses either the light or dark themed watch face.


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