NextVR To Demonstrate Experience Improvements – CES 2018

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NextVR’s plans for 2018 will be hinted at but not completely revealed at this year’s CES 2018 event, according to the company. Unfortunately, that means everybody will have to wait to find out exactly what new media capture technology or new media content the company has planned and there aren’t likely to be any unveiled during the event. That doesn’t, however, mean that the company is necessarily holding back, as NextVR does intend to at least demonstrate some of the new technological advancements it has been working with at the event.

For starters, according to NextVR, the company is definitely interested in bringing Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) to its content. For those who may not be aware, 6DoF is a relatively new enhancement for VR that’s been gaining a lot of traction among associated companies. It essentially allows for a much more natural and much wider range of movements. For example, enabling the enhancement might allow a user to simply move their head to the side if something gets in the way of what they are trying to look at while in a VR experience. As to the timeline associated with 6DoF hitting NextVR’s content, the company says that its on-demand VR content will see it first. No specific dates have been provided, but that will happen at some point in 2018, while the feature’s inclusion for live streamed events will follow some time later. Meanwhile, following the updates to hardware that are planned for this year, the company also plans to improve the resolution of its VR experiences. It will be able to accomplish that through improvements it has made to its already high-resolution proprietary VR cameras and encoder infrastructure. Content made with those enhancements will begin to be available in early 2018.

Finally, NextVR has decided to expand its services to support AR technologies. It isn’t immediately clear how that will be made possible since AR blends a user’s real-world environment with virtually embedded experiences taking place within that space. That could make some experiences, such as sporting events, particularly tricky to present to users in some environments but the company says it wants to use AR in a push to make its experiences more socially engaging. Again, the company hasn’t specified dates for when those experiences will be available or exactly what kind of content will be included, but the company says it is aiming for mid-2018.