New Smart Home Thermostat Unveiled By Alarms.com – CES 2018

Alarm.com smarter thermostat Press Image from announcement CES 2018

Continuing with the ongoing IoT and home automation thread of CES 2018, Alarm.com has now revealed a second-generation of its thermostat designed to safeguard against some of the most commonly-occurring property damage. In addition to performing the standard thermostat functions, the new device will also automate some preventative actions, while also alerting homeowners to problems ranging from HVAC failures to flooding and mold prevention. Built by and in conjunction with Alarms.com subsidiary Building 36, perhaps the best feature of the new system is that it is nearly universally compatible with all 24 volt HVAC systems. Moreover, it will automatically detect HVAC wiring in order to more easily configure itself with a given home’s settings for integration with humidifiers, de-humidifiers, and externally located air baffles. Although the company still hasn’t revealed the cost of the new system, it is expected to be available beginning in May of this year.

Of course, the basis for Alarm.com’s new thermostat is that it utilizes machine learning algorithms to prevent major home damage and associated repair costs. There are several factors tying into that, which set this system apart from others. First, the new thermostat will automatically detect room temperatures, whether or not a door or window may be open, time of day, and occupancy changes – including whether or not the system’s users are home, based on geo-location. That information is used to allow the system to automatically adjust itself for optimal efficiency and comfort. However, it will also automatically balance the temperature with humidity of a given area in order to prevent mold from building up and alert homeowners if their pipes might freeze because of environmental conditions. That’s a great feature to have since damage is often caused by frozen pipes, leading to flooding and further compromises to structural integrity that can be very expensive to fix. Finally, the thermostat monitors the overall HVAC system, in order to provide early alerts to problems before they may have even been noticed by a homeowner and long before the entire system needs to be repaired.

Meanwhile, all of that fits neatly into a sleek modern design, with a completely reworked user-interface that Alarms.com hopes will make the system easier to understand and use. That, in combination with the functions and features on offer, should make the new thermostat well worth a look for home and property owners when it is finally pushed to market in a couple of months.