New Intelligence of Things Tracker Report Tackles IoT Trends

Advertisement has produced a new iteration of its periodical report "The Intelligence of Things Tracker" for January 2018, highlighting the biggest companies in the various IoT-related industries and trends in the direction the IoT is headed. Although one of the primary focuses of the new report is to score and rate implementers and enablers in the IoT solutions industry, the headlining story is where AI and connectivity are taking pet care. According to the report, pet connectivity is a major trend with both established companies and startups bringing those technologies together in ways that allow interactions with furry family members through a variety of products and services. That doesn't just include applications and food dispensers to aid in remote feeding, communications, and training, either. Instead, the next wave of ideas centers around companies thinking outside of the box with machine learning – for example, enabling algorithms which can help pet owners detect illnesses or pet wellbeing based on pet mobility and other factors.

That health factor extends further into areas associated with the use of blockchains by companies to monitor supply chains in the manufacture of pet food products, which also enables pet owners to keep tabs on which foods are best for their pets. However, that isn't the only new use of blockchains in the IoT industry or the only current trend. In fact, blockchains are being implemented on an industry-wide level, with companies like Walmart and IBM taking part in the creation of solutions to monitor supply chains, as well as companies like XinFin working to create similar solutions for more general enterprise environments. XinFin's efforts are particularly interesting since its solution is meant to bring together several aspects of business management under a single hybrid system in support of what it describes as "business process re-engineering." Specifically, XinFin hopes to support management of the supply chain, financing, procurement, and settlement data within a given organization. Other trends include this year's massive introduction of AI into nearly every realm of technology in conjunction with an explosion of IoT products seen at this year's CES event. That includes new platforms, advances in IoT security measures, and the start of an industry-wide shift for companies to expand into new ventures not ordinarily associated with their primary businesses.

With regard to company rankings in IoT, the rankings are split into two groups based on their overall impact on the IoT industry. Those include enablers – primarily creators of software and IoT platforms – of IoT products and implementers. In terms of implementers, the number one spot is held by four companies which each scored 100 points – Dell, Huawei, LG, and Samsung. That's followed Hewlett Packard Enterprise at 99 points and both Fujitsu and Lenovo at 82 points. Marvell, Arrow Electronics, and Enlighted round out the group with 77 points, 76 points, and 73 points, respectively. Meanwhile, on the enablers side of the equation, Amazon, ARM, Cisco, Google, Intel, and Verizon all tie up with top marks in the top position. Those companies are followed by Vodafone, Comcast, and Sierra Wireless at 99 points, 97 points, and 94 points. Silicon Labs and Telit round out the list at 93 points each. However, the full report also includes several dozen other companies that are having big impacts on the IoT industry. Anybody interested in learning more can find the download at the top of the source page – which is linked below.

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