Netflix Content Now Available On the Rave Application

AH Rave app 1

Netflix is now available for viewing on the Rave app. Rave brings people together in a unique and futuristic kind of way. It lets people experience watching the same movie or television shows from anywhere, but over smart devices. So when someone lives in a remote location, the app makes movie nights not so difficult to plan or attend. The Rave app is available for free on Android and iOS and supports several options for viewing with friends. Rave’s concept is simple. Sign in to Rave with a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, choose one of the latter services and enter your login information, then grant location and contact permissions. After signing in, the user can then browse contacts and coordinate a binge. The simultaneous viewing experience becomes like no other with a dedicated in-app talking and texting platform. Users can opt to view content publicly as well, chatting along with other Rave subscribers.

With Rave already supporting several other content sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and Dropbox, Netflix is the next logical addition. The arrival of Netflix support may convince otherwise skeptical users to download and use Rave. Rave also features another function called Rave DJ, which uses a similar concept to mash together two songs. This can be done alone or with friends and proves quite entertaining. Finally, users can also view digital content on Rave in VR. Sporting a large immersive screen, the virtual reality experience offered shares the same social media features as the regular app experience. Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR are the only supported VR platforms, at the moment.

Netflix marked its best quarter of new subscribers in 2017, with eight million new users signing up for paid accounts. As the digital content company grows, its partnership with Rave indicates the furthering of its reach into new ideas and markets. Netflix has gained tremendous traction in the market by offering a vast library of on-demand movies and television shows. This recent growth has caused larger companies’ interest to pique. Perhaps Netflix will be acquired by a larger entity, or maybe it will become too expensive by continually partnering with companies like Rave.