Magisk 15.2 Fixes Hiding Feature On Samsung ROMs & Ramdisk


topjohnwu's Magisk has been updated to version 15.2, and this somewhat minor patch will actually be a big deal for a large number of users because it fixes compatibility with stock Samsung ROMs and devices on Android 8.0 (Oreo) that have moved from fstab to ramdisk for boot verification, such as the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T on the latest OxygenOS Open Beta build. Part of the point of Magisk is the Magisk Hide functionality which allows rooted users to pass root verification to use banking apps, play Pokemon GO, use Android Pay, and do other things that generally try to exclude root users for security purposes. This functionality previously did not work on stock Samsung devices, requiring a custom ROM with a supporting framework, like an AOSP ROM.

According to Magisk developer topjohnwu, this fix is actually very simple in nature; he admits that he had applied a patch he concocted to only one sector of the Magisk system, forgetting to patch up ramdisk compatibility and SELinux rules. This meant that devices with the ramdisk changes described above in the Oreo updates for OnePlus phones would bootloop after flashing Magisk. The SELinux changes, meanwhile, allow Magisk Hide to work on stock Samsung ROMs, meaning that Samsung phone buyers don't have to give up the extra features and user interface that they bought the phone for in order to use root apps while also using apps that block root.

This update comes less than a week after the previous release, version 15.1. That release was actually meant to be a bug fix for version 15.0, which made the whole system more modular from the ground up, making it easier to install and hide Magisk. Naturally, this also made Magisk Modules easier to create from scratch, port over from Xposed Framework, and install and use on the user end. The problem was that this caused bootloops on some devices, which made topjohnwu leap into action and develop 15.1 in only three days. This update, as stated above, is essentially just topjohnwu finishing what he started with 15.1 by applying some simple patches that he had already made and simply forgot to apply on some levels.

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