LG May Launch Raspberry Rose LG G6 Variant Next Month

LG G6 Hands On AH 107

LG could be set to launch a new color variant of last year’s LG G6 next month. It’s been reported recently that the South Korean company will shy away from launching a new flagship at MWC next month, with the company instead opting to increase sales of its current devices. Now, as part of this focus, the company is said to be launching a Raspberry Rose-colored LG G6 in time for Valentine’s Day.

The company originally announced a Raspberry Rose variant of its LG V30 flagship at CES 2018 towards the beginning of the month, with the device most recently going on sale in South Korea. It seems like the demand for the new variant has impressed the company, so it makes sense to expand the offering to the LG G6, especially considering the launch delay of its successor. If LG goes ahead with the Raspberry Rose variant, the LG G6 will be available in a total of six color variants which includes the previously-announced Mystic White, Astro Black, Ice Platinum, Terra Gold and Marine Blue. It is worth noting, though, that the new color will likely be exclusive to the South Korean market initially, with other Asian and European markets likely to follow in the future. Also worth mentioning is the fact that if LG launches the new color, it will mark the first of two device variants expected to launch next month – the second being the rumored LG V30 Plus Alpha. Due to the Seoul-based company’s weaker profit margins, the company recently announced plans to launch devices when necessary, instead of one every 12 months. Because of this, the company is rumored to launch an upgraded LG V30 Plus variant in February to temporarily boost sales while it continues work on the upcoming LG G7.

The upgraded V30 Plus Alpha is said to have a big focus on artificial intelligence, with an improved AI chip said to be included. Not only this, but the Google Assistant is expected to be a central part of the device. However, in terms of any other hardware changes, the overall spec sheet is expected to remain largely the same, meaning a large 6-inch display will be present, alongside a Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM and an impressive 128GB of internal storage. LG is yet to comment on the rumored LG G6 Raspberry Rose variant or the LG V30 Plus Alpha, but with February only a matter of days away, it shouldn’t be too long before further details appear.