[UPDATED] LG Display To Debut 8K 88-Inch OLED Display At CES

LG Display has outed an 88-inch OLED display with an 8K resolution, the world's very first such device, and will be showing it off at this year's CES. Specifically, this display actually represents two firsts and two records. It is the very first 88-inch OLED display ever made, and the very first 8K OLED display ever made, making it, at least for now, the largest and highest-resolution OLED display in the world. The resolution of this display is 7,680 × 4,320, which means that the 88-inch size makes for an eye-popping 100 pixels per inch, a more than respectable pixel density for a TV. Though such a pixel density on a smartphone would be a bit hard to look at, on such a huge display and at typical viewing distances, that pixel density will provide incredible sharpness and detail.

The reasoning behind choosing an OLED display for an 88-inch 8K panel comes down mostly to power saving and cost-effectiveness. While other display types like LCD may need to increase the power of their backlights to compensate for the brightness loss that comes with making pixels smaller, OLED displays don't have to do that because the pixels each generate their own light. Together, even at smaller sizes, these bunches of individually-lit pixels create a tapestry of light that provides more than ample brightness without having to sacrifice power savings or significantly drive up manufacturing costs. Naturally, this means that the display can also stay thin, even at larger sizes and higher resolutions.

According to LG Display Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President In-Byung Kang, this is only the beginning. He said that LG Display is doubling down on its commitment to advance OLED technology, and will be working to bring this type of technology to all sectors. LG Display is not exactly facing pressure in the large OLED display sector; with Samsung out of the game and moved on to QLED technology for its larger displays, LG Display is currently the world's only manufacturer of large OLED displays. The company is not only making its own TVs through LG Electronics, but is selling its OLED displays to other OEMs for their TVs, meaning that if you buy a brand new large OLED TV in the near future, no matter the brand, it probably has an LG panel in it.

UPDATE: It seems like this info is false, at least according to our source at the company, as panel will not be coming to CES 2018.

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