Kodak's New Mini 2 Instant Printer Supports NFC & Bluetooth

Kodak Mini 2 Instant Printer

Kodak‘s new Mini 2 Instant Photo Printer supports both NFC and Bluetooth to make pairing with Android devices even easier and make printing off photos that were taken with smartphone cameras a snap. Kodak mentions that owners of the printer would need to install the Kodak Mini Shot application onto their devices to allow for easy printing, but once that’s done users would be able to find and print photos from a number of different sources including their social media accounts, Google Photos, the gallery, and more. It would even be possible to print screenshots from videos, with images from the device being printed in a credit card-size.

Kodak boasts that the Mini Print 2 is smaller than the original Mini Print, which makes this a great solution for anyone who values portability of their devices. Best of all is that the printer is not too expensive. Kodak says it will be available for just $99 and the printer is available now via multiple online retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo, which should be pretty affordable for anyone looking for an easier way to print photos out on the go. This isn’t meant to be something which replaces the likes of an actual printer, but in a pinch where the consumer is in need of a small photo this will serve nicely, and since the pictures are about the size of a credit card they can easily fit into wallets for better portability.

More than just boasting that the Mini 2 is smaller than the original Mini, Kodak says this is the world’s smallest dye-sub photo printer. While the device itself isn’t waterproof, the images which it prints out are and they’re also fingerprint proof so that you can’t easily smudge them up. In addition Kodak has also designed the photo paper that you use with this device to come with an extra protective layer which it says will help the color and image quality stay at its best over time. Replacement materials are easy to come by with ink and paper coming in an all-in-one setup, so when you need to replace one you’ll also need to replace the other but you can do it with a single unit. The Kodak Mini 2 Instant Photo Printer can be picked up in either Black or White from the button below.

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