Jeff Bezos Stars In Amazon's Alexa Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Amazon has an Alexa ad lined up for this years NFL Super Bowl starring none other than its CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon has released a teaser for the ad which shows a world in panic over Alexa losing her voice and Bezos giving permission to use a replacement. Back in 2016, when Amazon initially released the Echo, there was little to no market for smart assistants. Fast forward to 2018 and not only is the Alexa Smart Assistant widely popular, but there are hosts of competing products from competitors such as Apple and Google. No one is certain what Amazon has planned for the commercial, we will have to wait until the Super Bowl to find out. This has not thwarted speculation, however.

The teaser, at first glance, appears to highlight how important Amazon thinks Alexa and all of its glory is. With Alexa now integrating with dozens of products such as automobiles, thermostats, and even a smart toilet, it is tough to deny how far the technology has come in just a few short years. One must simply be willing to invest in some of the many products that integrate for a seamless experience. Amazon must now convince consumers to select their Alexa products such as the Echo over rivals like Google Home. Amazon appears to be serious about highlighting Alexa. Sports Illustrated has reported that a 30 second ad during this year’s Super Bowl will cost an estimated $5 million dollars.

There is another way to look at the teaser as well. Amazon may be gearing up to announce a different iteration of Alexa altogether.  It is possible they may start offering a choice of voices the devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot may respond with. Like the old TomTom GPS units used to do, it may be a possibility that Amazon may be adding celebrity voice options to be used in lieu of the Alexa standard. This is a very time-consuming and expensive effort that would not be done in jest. However, it is tough put it past Amazon to do whatever is necessary to stay one step ahead.

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