Incipio Launches 5 Portable Charging Solutions – CES 2018


Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by CES 2018, prominent tech accessories manufacturer Incipio has now announced a new range of portable power banks. The new products, which each bear the offGRID Turbo model branding, range in cost from $59.99 to $129.99 and each features a minimalistic modern design – as shown in the press images below. They can also each be split into one of two distinct categories despite their similarities. The first of those are integrated, feature a built-in USB Type-C cable for charging, and have been branded offGRID Turbo+. The others don't have that cable, which is indicated by the notable lack of a "+" in the offGRID Turbo model branding. Unfortunately, none of the new devices are currently up at Incipio's online store and no release date has been provided. Having said that, the fact that prices have already been revealed, as well as detailed information and images, would seem to suggest they will be available much sooner than later.

Under the offGRID Turbo+ name, there are three new portable power banks in total. Aside from the attached USB Type-C cable, which is used for charging the power bank as well as devices, each features an additional standard USB-A port for charging devices that don't feature the former type of cable for charging. However, that's where the similarities end as each device has its own storage rating and its own unique input and output wattage rating. The first and smallest new device is the offGRID TURBO+ 6,000mAh, which features an input/output rating of 15W via its USB Type-C cable.This is also the most affordable of the new launches, with a price at $59.99. Following that is the new offGRID Turbo+ 10,000mAh, priced at $89.99. This power bank allows for faster charging of compatible devices thanks to an input/output rating of 18W through its integrated Type-C cable. Finally, the largest and most expensive charging box – with a price set at $129.99 – is the offGRID Turbo+ 16,000mAh. Unlike the previous entries in the Turbo+ line, this power bank has an input/output rating capability of pushing 45W via its USB Type-C cable – making it better suited for charging larger tech such as a tablet or laptop than a smartphone.

Rounding out the newly launched devices are the two offGRID Turbo portable power banks. As with the Turbo+ family, each of these includes an additional standard USB-A port for charging older devices or those that don't support USB Type-C. However, while none features a built-in cable, each does have a USB Type-C port as well. The first and smaller of the two is the offGRID Turbo 6,800mAh. The included USB Type-C port on this power bank is set with an input/output rating of 18W, with the intention of being used for powering up smartphones and tablets. Priced at just $69.99, it is also the less expensive of the two accessories. Following that is the offGRID Turbo 10,000mAh, which has an input/output rating of 30W for its USB Type-C port meant for charging anything from a smartphone to a laptop. Aside from that differentiator, its included standard USB port is rated at a full 10W and features auto-detect to allow for the rapid charging which is supported by many modern handsets and tablets. That's all included for a suggested retail of $89.99.


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