iDevices Launches The Alexa-Powered Instinct Light Switch - CES 2018

iDevices has launched the Alexa-powered Instinct light switch to give consumers a versatile product that adds to their smart home endeavors in more ways than one, all without taking away from the home decor thanks to the minimalist, traditional design that allows it to fit in with just about any setup. With the Instinct light switch users will be able to do a number of things from controlling and adjusting the lighting in the room where the switch is located to streaming music from a connected speaker in a different part of the house. This is all possible because the Instinct is not just a smart light switch with Wi-Fi capabilities that you can connect to your smartphone through an application, but because of the above-mentioned Alexa integration.

With Alexa embedded in the Instinct owners can basically have Alexa in any room of the home directly in the walls, and with Alexa integrated in the walls they can connect to and control any other smart home product they have as long as it’s also compatible with Alexa. In addition to Alexa, the Instinct also has a motion detector and an ambient light sensor built into it. What’s more is that the light switches even have premium audio hardware built directly into them from Soen Audio, which means users can ask Alexa to play music and have it play from the light switch so even if they don’t have any connected speakers in the home they can still have music at a moment’s notice. Those who fancy themselves masters in the kitchen can also bring up recipes with Alexa right from the Instinct and get everything they need from the ingredients to the steps of the recipe.

Although the iDevices Instinct is compatible with other Alexa products, naturally, since it comes with Alexa built-in, it’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Siri so those who prefer a different digital assistant can still have some voice-controlled, hands-free interaction. The Instinct will also get updates over-the-air to help keep it “futureproof” with new features and new software. Right now there is no price mentioned for the iDevices Instinct light switch, but iDevices does state that it will launch in 2018. Since it’s the beginning of the year that could still mean the release is further out.

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