Hands-On With The Samsung Flip Digital Flip Chart - CES 2018

Samsung's new Flip digital flip chart, which is akin to Google's Jamboard whiteboard that was launched last Summer, is a new device from the company that's being shown off at CES 2018 which is aiming to attach the business market by offering businesses a new way to interact and collaborate with each other on projects. While some might prefer the simplicity of using traditional collaboration tools like an actual paper flip chart and standard white boards with no technology or smarts, Samsung's new Flip is going to be a hugely beneficial tool, boasting plenty of nice features such as cross-device participation. In fact this is likely to be one of the biggest benefits of the device.

Cross-device participation is going to be a big thing for companies using the Samsung Flip as it will allow users to write notes and draw directly onto the Flip digital flip chart, and with the Flip's large 55-inch UHD display it'll be pretty easy for just about anyone in the conference room to see everything that's being drawn or annotated. There may be times where people aren't able to see things as easily though, or perhaps they simply can't be at the meeting physically. This is where the cross-device visibility and participation comes in. The Flip will allow what's going on with the display directly to be seen on the displays of smartphones, tablets, and PCs that are compatible with this feature, and all the changes can be seen on these other displays in real-time. Moreover people can participate simultaneously too, and this allows for up to four people to collaborate on the Flip either directly or through the shared participation at one time, which helps with efficiency.

The Samsung Flip also has the ability to connect to PC devices through the USB connection if that makes things easier, which might also be beneficial. Another useful design element is the fact the Flip is set up on roller wheels which makes it easy to move around the Flip if it needs to be placed either in another conference room or just moved to the other side of one. It can also be angled at 4.5-degrees for a tilt option which could help with visibility. It's got 8GB of internal storage space which should be plenty for what the purposes of this device will be, but there is a chance that some people may end up filling that storage up pretty quickly. It's also helpful that the Flip can be set up in either the landscape or portrait mode views depending on what it is that's being displayed, so when you need more space for annotations or notes the landscape view might make things easier. Whether or not this gives the Google Jamboard or other competing products a run for their money remains to be seen but from the looks of things so far Samsung has a device offering that will be appealing to those in the business sector that want something like this, as it offers quite a bit in the way of features. Samsung hasn't mentioned yet when this will be available, but it has stated it will be launching the Flip in the U.S. and Europe before other regions globally.

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