Hands-On With Audio-Technica's New Line Of Headphones – CES 2018


CES is home to all sorts of new products and while not all of them are going to end up on the shelves for consumers immediately they will eventually make their way into the hands of those consumers who will wish to buy them. For the most part, CES isn't about launches of new products so much as it is about unveiling them so people will know what to expect for new products during the rest of the year. Products shown off at the event span every category, and one of those categories is audio, in this case and more specifically, headphones.

Audio-Technica is a fairly recognized brand. It's well-known for making some pretty high quality headphones and this year at CES 2018 the company had loads of new pairs to show off. Some were more in line with the types of headphones you'd see from the brand over the years. Like the ATH-ADX5000 or the ATH-ANC700BT, a pair of over-the-ear headphones and a pair of on-ear headphones. With each of these pairs consumers can expect some really big sound with great clarity of plenty of bass, and both are perfect for listening to just about anything when stationary at home or at work as they're well-suited to a pair of headphones you'd have while working from or playing on the computer. Granted, both these pairs of headphones will be a little more costly. The ATH-ADX5000 are an open back dynamic pair that will set you back $1,999 alone, for example. The ATH-ANC700BT on the other hand will still be costly but will retail for $199, and will feature things like QuietPoint active noise cancellation and Bluetooth wireless audio support so you can use them without a wire if you prefer, or plug in a 3.5mm audio cable and save some battery life for both the headphones and your connected smartphone.

Speaking of Bluetooth, Audio-Technica also has some Bluetooth wireless earbuds that were shown of as well. The Sound Reality ATH-DSRB5T are one of those pairs. Bluetooth wireless is the obvious user-facing feature, but the most notable and what makes these one to consider if you don't mind spending a little money is the Pure Digital Drive System. According to Audio-Technica this will help to keep the audio digital from the source all the way to the driver, which is said to help keep the sound as pure and high-quality as possible. That quality and portability will come at a price though, as these will retail for $399. If you're looking for something a little more sporty, you could choose instead, to go with the SonicSport ATH-Sport50T, which are only $69.99, come in a couple of fun colors, and have an IPX5 waterproof rating so that they can withstand sweat, rain, and spills, while also have a 6-hour battery life and easy-access controls for music playback. These aren't truly wireless but they will last longer on a single charge. No matter what type of headphones you're looking for it seems Audio-Technica is keen on fitting all consumers with something that works for them.



QuietPoint ATH-ANC700BT



Sound Reality ATH-DSR5BT








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