UPDATE: Google Home Max Wi-Fi Issue Goes Beyond The Max


Google's issue with Google Home Max units crashing Wi-Fi networks when streaming may be getting worse, or so it appears on the original thread in Google's Product Forum. In an interesting turn of events, the media seems to actually be playing a semi-active role in this story; reports of wider related issues are flooding into the single thread rather than going unreported or being spread around the forum, and many users on the thread are saying that they're finding it thanks to coverage from popular news outlets. This phenomena is, in turn, making it easier for the media to gather information for follow-up coverage, and making it easier for router makers and Google to get more details on the problem in order to help fix it. Reports are saying that a wide range of devices are allegedly knocking out Wi-Fi networks, with the only real common thread being that they're Google products.

The reports from users on the forum implicate a number of Google products, including the Chromecast Pro, Google Home and Google Home Mini, and in some cases, even recent Android devices. With this pattern, reports of issues with Chromebooks may be easy to expect, but there have been none in this thread thus far. As far as developments outside of more users reporting, TP-Link is aware of the problem and has worked to zero in on the cause, according to one poster. Multiple posters reached out to the company and were given a beta firmware update for some of its routers, including the Archer C7 owned by the original poster of the thread, and reports on whether it fixes the issue are mixed. More users seem to see the issue fixed than not, but other router makers have still not putting out beta updates in a similar fashion, and of course, a fix from Google is still pending. According to one Googler on the forum, the company is investigating the cause, and has asked users to submit bug reports containing logs after crashes, as soon as the network and Google equipment are back up.

For those not in the know, the problem started with the Google Home Max. One user reported that trying to stream any music or other content from the speaker, or have it pump streaming content to other smart or semi-smart speakers in the house, would crash their Wi-Fi network. Others followed suit with similar reports. Some reported success with disabling either 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, essentially making their routers single-band, but this fix has not worked for everybody.



Google says that the issue comes from a bug in the Cast software, and has stated that it will be issuing a fix for this problem starting to tomorrow, January 18th, by way of an update to the Google Play Services app on Android devices.

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