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Although the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL are second-generation devices most people will likely still consider 'Pixel' to be a new line overall. Especially when taking into consideration the competition the two Pixel 2 phones are up against, and how those competitive devices are part of a long smartphone line of succession. Which might be the reason as to why some Pixel 2 devices are seemingly starting to receive surveys from Google asking the owners about various aspects related to owning a Pixel 2.

While surveys are nothing new, and Google even has a dedicated Android app that lets users get paid in Google Play Store credit for answering survey questions, what is most interesting about this particular survey is that no app is needed. Not the Google Opinion Rewards app, the Google app, or any other app for that matter. As the survey seems to show up in the actual Settings menu of the phone. Well, sort of. It seems when the Settings menu of enrolled devices is accessed, a small pop-up notification appears asking the user if they would like to "help improve Pixel" by taking part in a "1 minute survey." It is currently unclear how widespread the survey is, and whether it is becoming available to owners of both the standard Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, but from the images below (from Android Central), the Pixel 2 XL is certainly part of the survey feature rollout. Although that is not to say that all Pixel 2 XLs will receive the survey, as at present the opposite seems to be true.

As for the actual survey, with this being a one minute survey it is a pretty short one, with Google looking to to new owners to gain feedback on how the experience of owning a Pixel 2 XL is going after such a short time. For example, the survey asks how satisfied the owner is with the new device, when they started using the device, and the million dollar question – which manufacturer made the phone the owner switched to the Pixel 2 XL from. All of this seems to take place with the Settings page in view behind so there is no redirection happening. In either case, this is an opt-in survey so anyone who does encounter it can dismiss it if they do not want to take part.


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