Go-Box Chrome Makes Mass Management Of Chromebooks Easier


Managing a plethora of Google Chromebooks can be daunting, especially in an environment like education where they need to be frequently cleaned out, re-enrolled, and synced up, but a new product called Go-Box Chrome is looking to change that. Go-Box Chrome automates any enrollment process that can be done to Chromebooks with an external mouse and keyboard. Essentially, administrators simply set up their wipe and enrollment procedures, specify anything special that's needed for wireless access, such as proxies, and have the machine do the rest. The Go-Box Chrome is available now, though not everybody can buy one – for now, sales are limited to K-12 schools and non-profit operations. Prices per unit are not given on the Go-Box website. Potential customers can request a quote for their unique deployment situation.

The Go-Box Chrome can hook into up to 16 Chromebooks at a time, and essentially reproduces preprogrammed inputs. Go through the process that you need to go through once using an external keyboard and mouse, and then Go-Box can reproduce it on up to 16 Chromebooks simultaneously. This includes resetting, enrollment, hopping onto wireless networks, and even going through proxy or qualifier pages to access networks and services. Loading up apps or customizing the loadout for certain batches of Chromebooks on a per-batch basis is also possible; users can tweak their setup script and add in changes from any web browser on any device where they can sign in.

Being able to reset and re-sync Chromebooks more often will make them an even more fearsome competitor in the education space, where they already reign supreme in the United States and are gaining ground in other markets worldwide. Corporate environments could benefit from such tools as well, though it's conceivable that the Go-Box Chrome would see much more use in a school environment, with resets having to happen at least a few times a year as standardized tests roll around and class rosters rotate. Still, since sales are limited to schools and approved non-profits for now, the real-world potential for the Go-Box Chrome outside of those fairly easily defined environments is yet unknown. Go-Box has not announced any plans to open sales up to other entities.


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