Flo Is An Android-Compatible Smart Water Monitoring System – CES 2018


As CES 2018 kicked off, Flo has announced a new home water monitoring system that calculates water pressure and other variables in order to alert homeowners of possible problems. The product – also called Flo – is relatively inexpensive compared to the problems it aims to fix and prevent. Leaking or burst pipes can result in substantially expensive water damage and waste but Flo aims to actively address those problems for the cost of a single device set to sell at only $499 when it begins shipping in February. In the meantime, Flo is already available for purchase via the company's website – which is accessible by referring to the source link below.

As to how Flo works, the water management and monitoring system first needs to be installed in a given home's water system. From there, it utilizes machine learning and IoT connectivity to actively monitor that system. Once installed, the system immediately begins to personalize its readings since home water systems tend to vary from household to household. By incorporating water pressure sensors and an array of other sensors, the system can detect a wide variety of problems ranging from a toilet that runs unnecessarily to burst pipes. In fact, according to the company, Flo can detect a leak as small as only a drop or two per minute, but can also detect if a pipe is about to freeze or if pressure is too high. Both of those are leading causes of pipes bursting. If a problem is noticed, Flo will alert the homeowner via a connected (Android) smartphone and associated application. If it's a major problem, such as a burst pipe or pipe that is on the verge of bursting, the system will automatically cut the flow of water through the household. Conversely, if a homeowner or plumber needs to make a repair to address a smaller issue, an in-app toggle can be used to the same effect. All of that, from the active monitoring of water flow to alerts and water shut-off, is available in real time.

On top of that, Flo has also announced a partnership with California-based American Leak Detection that will give owners a nationwide network of ALD plumbers to assist homeowners with less plumbing experience get answers, estimates, and services, in addition to getting Flo installed. Meanwhile, for those attending the Las Vegas event, demonstrations of Flo will take place over the course of this week.


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