FairPlay Canada Seeks New Anti-Piracy Agency & Measures


FairPlay Canada has asked the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to begin addressing piracy in the country more directly. Exact details about the proposal are fairly general but are intended to protect the interests of everybody involved in both content creation and distribution. The group is calling for the revamping of tools which are currently utilized to combat digital theft and for greater oversight over the enforcement of piracy policies as a whole. As of this writing, the CRTC has not responded to the proposal, which was first announced on January 29th.

With regard to the detailed specifics about FairPlay Canada's request, the organization has centered the brunt of its focus on improving internet and industry oversight as it pertains to media dissemination over the web. The group has called for the creation of an agency that would operate both independently and in conjunction with CRTC, which it has dubbed the Independent Piracy Review Agency (IPRA). Generally speaking, the task of that agency would be to assist the CRTC in identifying problematic websites which are deliberately distributing pirated content and to report those to appropriate authorities or organizations. The reports could then be used by service providers in the country and the CRTC itself to prevent those sites from being accessible to residents of Canada. Oversight for the entire process would be provided by the Federal Court of Appeal. FairPlay Canada is also asking the CRTC to bring the tools used by ISPs and agencies to prevent piracy up to date. Unfortunately, no further details have been provided with regard to what that update would entail.

FairPlay Canada is comprised of more than 25 organizations and companies within the country. Unsurprisingly, many of those have more direct ties to the entertainment or associated technologies industries such as the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television or the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists. The proposal may have a great deal of weight behind it since it has also gained the support of several Canadian Telecoms including Bell Canada and Rogers Communications. It also isn't the first proposal of its kind to be put forward by similar coalitions, though whether or not anything it ultimately amounts to anything remains to be seen.

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