The Dream VR & Pico Interactive Team Up To Deliver VR Media

AH Pico Neo CV 3

The Dream VR and Pico Interactive have now teamed up to bring a wide array of video content to Pico’s VR headsets. More directly, the content will be made available for Pico’s Goblin and Neo-branded, standalone VR headsets and the partnership is intended to grow Dream VR’s distribution channels. That’s according to a press release from the two companies. For those who may not be aware of what these two companies are, The Dream VR is known primarily as a premium original content provider specializing in VR media. On the other hand, Pico Interactive is known for its VR viewing hardware and technologies and the two above-mentioned headsets are its latest releases.

As to the content that is expected to hit Pico’s latest headsets, the announcement says that more than 150 channels are have already been made available on the Pico Goblin in both the U.S. and Europe. More countries are expected to be added at an unspecified time in the future, with the announcement only saying it will be “soon.” The Dream VR’s library of content will become available for the Pico Neo headsets at some point in late spring. Meanwhile, the content of the channels being added as part of that library will cover a range of categories. The associated announcement lists sports, music, food, and entertainment channels – with the inclusion of an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s biggest soccer clubs thrown in as part of that lineup.

Both companies appear to be excited by the prospects of this new partnership deal. The Dream VR’s CEO and founder, Alber Palay, says that Pico Interactive’s reputation for building comfortable, ultra-portable VR hardware will allow the company to get its content to more users and provide a way for those users to dive into the library of virtual spaces and experience. Moreover, those users will be able to take part in those experiences in more places than ever before. On the other hand, Pico Interactive’s VP of Business Development, Paul Viglienzone is excited to be able to provide the company’s customers with more content and says that Pico’s range of hardware is a perfect match for what The Dream VR’s offerings.