Deal: Yi Wireless Home Security Camera For $19.99 W/Code – 01/11/2018


Smart home products range from thermostats to locks, and even security cameras. Most smart home products though tend to get a little expensive, but that doesn't mean that some aren't affordable and attainable without spending tons of money. Take for example, the Yi Wireless Home Security Camera, which is currently on sale for just $28.99 over on Amazon, and it gets even cheaper when you use a code at checkout which brings it down to $19.99.

The Yi Wireless Home Security Camera is capable of recording HD video and as long as it's plugged in it will continue to record at all times. It even has night vision so it can record in the dark, whether you place inside the home or in the garage. It comes with a 111-degree wide-angle lens to make sure that it captures as much as possible and if it detects something you can receive alerts on your connected mobile device so you know what's happening. It also supports encrypted cloud storage so if you want to keep all the footage of what it sees in the cloud you can ensure it's backed up at all times, though it does also support local storage and it does have a slot for a microSD card if you'd rather keep all the footage on a memory card.

Yi Wireless Home Security Camera - $19.99