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If you are in need of an improved way to take and make calls while on the go then it is currently worth checking out the Mpow Mini V4.1 Bluetooth earbud. This is a wireless earbud that is priced low to offer consumers excellent value for money. However, that low cost does not result in a limited product as the Mpow Wireless Earbud comes with all the features you would expect from a more expensive option. Of course, the biggest selling point with the earbud is the fact that it is wireless. Affording users the option to engage with their smartphone without having to physically use the phone. Once connected over Bluetooth (version 4.1), the earbud will allow the user to make and receive HD quality calls hands-free. In fact, not only can it connect to a smartphone, but it can connect to more than one smartphone at the same time. So for those who often sport two devices simultaneously, the Mpow Wireless Earbud is all you will need.

With this being a unit that is designed to be stationed in the ear for longer periods of time, it is also one that has been designed to be as lightweight and as comfortable as possible. While this refers to the overall design, the package does include three different sized ear plugs so the wearer can make use of the one which fits best. Although using any of the sized ear plugs will still be more comfortable than using the smartphone without an earbud. Likewise, to ensure longer levels of usage compared to standard earbuds, the Mpow Wireless Earbud features a battery rated to offer a minimum of four and a half hours. This is based on when the volume is set to maximum as decreasing the volume to 50-percent will result in an extension of the battery life offered – up to six hours in total. When a charge is needed, however, owners can simply make use of the included car charger to recharge the unit. Or of course, charge the device at home via a computer or any other USB outlet.

As for the price, the Mpow Mini V4.1 Bluetooth Earbud is currently available to buy through Amazon for only $17.99. A great price in itself. However, using the coupon code below will take another $5 off that price bringing the final total down to only $12.99. At this price, for a Bluetooth wireless earbud that can connect to more than one device at a time, this is a deal worth checking out. More details on the Mpow Mini V4.1 Bluetooth Earbud, as well as the option to buy, through the link below. For reference, the coupon code is good until January 31, 2018.


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Mpow Bluetooth Wireless Earbud - $12.99