Deal: Conico WiFi Smart Plug With Alexa For $22.49 W/Code – 01/28/18


However you're beginning to set up your smart home one thing that can always come in handy are smart plugs, because not all of your devices, appliances, lighting an other products that require an electrical outlet are going to smart and connected. That's where smart plugs like this WiFi smart plug from Conico come in. It's powered by Alexa so you can use Amazon's line of Echo speakers (and now the Alexa app) to control whatever is plugged into these outlets, like lights for example.

Normally these smart plugs will cost upwards of $30 a piece by themselves, but right now you can pick up the Conico WiFi Smart Plug with Alexa in a two-pack for just $22.49 when you use a coupon code at checkout. With this smart plug you can install a companion application onto your phone and you can use it to control whatever you plug into this smart socket, or you can use your voice by asking Alexa to do things for you. It also has a scheduling feature that you can configure from inside of the app and this will set it up to turn on and off at the times you designate so you don't have to turn it on at all making things even more convenient. Since it has a companion app and it's connected to WiFi, you can also remotely control the plugs from your smartphone when you're away from the house, which is pretty useful if you forget to turn something off before you leave.

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