Deal: Aukey Dual AC, Dual USB Power Strip For $14.99


Aukey's multifunctional outlet is currently on sale on Amazon, just in case you need something like that. This outlet comes with two AC ports, and two USB ports, so that you can utilize your regular AC outlet and expand its usability. There are USB 2.1 ports, in case you were wondering, and this outlet is available in a White + Gray and White only color variants. Aukey's outlet usually costs $19.99 on Amazon, but thanks to its 25 percent discount, you can save $5 and get it for only $14.99.

This power strip is actually ETL certified, as expected, and you can use it to recharge a wide variety of devices. You can use its AC ports as you would any regular AC ports, as this is more of a splitter for an AC outlet than anything else. In addition to that, you're getting two USB 2.1 ports to recharge your laptop, smartphones, speaker, smartwatch, or anything else that comes to mind, really. This power strip also comes with a built-in stand, which you can use to set your phone while it's charging, for example. This stand is placed at the top of the product, and the device comes with built-in safeguards which will protect devices from excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. In addition to receiving the Aukey power strip in the package, you will also get a user manual, and as most of you know, a 45-day money back guarantee is applicable to the product, while you also get a 24-month product replacement warranty card here.

If you take a look at the provided gallery down below, you will see this power strip in action, and along with that, its smartphone stand that is included at the top of the outlet itself. This stand is meant to be used for smartphones, but you can place a number of other gadgets on it, of course, though not at the same time. If you're interested in grabbing Aukey's power strip, follow the purchase link provided down below.


Aukey dual USB, dual AC power strip
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