Chrome 64 Arrives On Android With Auto-Redirect Protection

Google Chrome Logo AH

Google has confirmed that Chrome 64 is now rolling out to Android users across the globe. Like previous Chrome releases, Chrome 64 includes a number of security and bug fixes, but the main focus of this update is a set of new anti-spam measures, not to mention some new audio settings. With Chrome 64, users of the browser will be able to take advantage of its new auto-redirect block function. Auto-redirect is something that is embedded into a number of websites and is activated as soon as a user clicks on certain areas of the page, but with the latest version of the browser, these new tabs or windows will be blocked whenever they try to open without the user’s permission.

Also, an info bar at the bottom of the display will appear in order to let the user in question know about this, while offering them further details surrounding the action at the same time. Another addition to the browser comes in the form of a site-wide audio muting setting, allowing users to mute all audio on sites automatically, allow for some exceptions, or turn the feature off altogether. Not everything included in the update are new features, though. In fact, a number of improvements have been made, the biggest one being a newly-improved pop-up blocker, which should help prevent sites from opening new tabs or windows more efficiently. Also included is a new guide that shows users how to navigate to different menus, namely the Downloads page, Bookmarks, and History, which have now been relocated. Lastly, as with any major Chrome release, Google has included a number of stability and performance improvements.

The new release comes shortly after Google announced plans to bring AR to everyone through its browser, with the initial focus being a new system called “Article,” which currently acts as a 3D model viewer that works alongside the device’s camera, with its functionality expected to increase as time goes on. For now, the latest version of Google Chrome is currently rolling out to Android devices across the globe and should be available to everyone within the next few weeks via the Google Play Store. In terms of when Chrome 64 will make its iOS, Windows, Mac or Linux debut is yet to be confirmed, but it shouldn’t be too long before the internet giant confirms the release.