CES 2018 Complete Wrap Up – Everything You Need To Know


With the week coming to a close, another Consumer Electronics Show has come to a close as well, and with it came along tons of new technology products to look forward to from all kinds of categories from TVs to appliances to smart home products to A.I.-assisted speakers. Whatever you can think of chances are that type of product was thought up and showcase at the event. If TVs are your thing and you're always on the lookout for a really nice TV, whether you really need the upgrade or not, there were plenty of new TVs to see at the show. HiSense, for example, unveiled three new lines of smart TVs, with one line being powered by Android TV, one line being powered by Roku, and another being powered by Alexa so no matter what digital assistant or smart platform you prefer, HiSense has you covered.

HiSense also wasn't the only company to announce new TVs either. LG of course had plenty to show off, namely its new Nano Cell Super UHD TVs and the new OLED G8 TV models, both of which look stylish, promising, and are full of improvements over last year's TVs from the brand. When it comes to the most eye-catching TVs, though, Samsung clearly stole the show with its massive TV concept called appropriately, The Wall, which is a huge 146-inch display built with microLED technology that can literally cover an entire wall, which Samsung also boasts is modular, allowing consumers to essentially build the perfect TV with a number of display modules that fit together to make the perfect size for each individual.

Another product category this year was smart speakers which were either powered by Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa, though it does seem that there were more speakers or devices with Google Assistant integrated into them. JBL announced the Link View, a smart speaker that comes with a touchscreen display and is powered by Google Assistant and is ready to take on Amazon's Echo Show. JBL wasn't the only company to announce a speaker like this. Both Lenovo and LG announced touchscreen-enabled smart speakers with Google Assistant on-board, which is likely to make up for Google not making a Google Home with a display yet. In addition to digital assistants there was actually quite a bit of technology shown off that was powered by A.I. in some way, such as the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, which is said to use A.I. to power the Active Tracking feature. Of course, audio was a big thing this year, but that should be nothing new as companies use CES to unveil new headphones and other types of audio all the time. Sony announced a few new pairs of headphones like what it's calling the world's first noise cancelling truly wireless earbuds that are also splashproof, and Audio-Technica launched a complete new lineup of headphones for this year which actually contains quite a few new pairs. These are just some of the things that were unveiled this week, and while much of it  may not release for the next few months, it will definitely be exciting to see it reach the market. If you happened to miss anything from the past week of CES you can find everything in the links down below.



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