CenturyLink Reveals Mobile Security Solution For Enterprise


The U.S. Internet service provider CenturyLink has taken to its official newsroom blog to announce a new mobile connectivity solution for enterprise-level customers. Dubbed Adaptive Network Security Mobility, the solution focuses on giving remove enterprise users a way to securely connect to both the Internet and private enterprise resources. The goal is to do that without the security risks generally associated with the use of personal devices and other technologies over unsecured Wi-Fi, via the implementation of a cloud-based security platform. That's a capability that has become more in demand as businesses and corporations see an increasing need for employees to stay connected to the enterprise environment while on the go. Being able to offer security without employees or administrators needing to concern themselves with which devices are being used and over what connection type, enterprise customers would gain a significant advantage.

As to how that works with Adaptive Network Security Mobility, and as alluded to above, CenturyLink says its cloud-based solution is the creation of secure, remote VPN access to enterprise networks. It works via IPSec or SSL-based connections and a standard web browser and takes advantage of tunneling and end-to-end encryption to aid security assurance. Perhaps among the biggest advantages to CenturyLink's solution, however, is that it doesn't require the purchase of individual licenses per user. Instead, concurrent use sessions are bought, based on an Enterprises anticipated number of users for a given time frame. Those users and enterprise customers then access the new security solution through state-of-the-art, globally situated security gateways stretching along CenturyLink's VPN backbone across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. Connections are possible through the VPN security protocol whether the users are on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. User role-mapping, resource and sign-in policies, and authentication are centralized for the customer, no matter how widespread employees become.

That solution certainly sounds like a viable way to ensure cybersecurity for remote employees within an enterprise or corporate environment. Unfortunately, as of this writing, CenturyLink hasn't provided any specifics with regard to availability or how much it will cost. Bearing that in mind, the company has called the announcement an official launch of the product, so it will presumably be available as of this writing. Moreover, it stands to reason that it will be available in the global market regions listed by CenturyLink and outlined above. In the meantime, anybody interested in checking the new solution out will probably need to navigate to the source link below and contact the company directly for pricing.

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